Aileron Gap Seal Kit for Cessna Aircraft



Increase performance and safety!
Aircraft Development FAA-PMA/STC approved aileron gap seal kit includes aluminum strips to minimize air leakage between the rear wing spar and the aileron. Unlike most kits, the kit seals both the upper and lower gap for maximum aerodynamic effectiveness and efficiency.


This is not a STOL kit and do not expect miracles with any one of these improvements. However, the improvements are real and when all combined together result in a substantial improvement to your aircraft.


Increase Performance:

  • Reduced drag
  • Increased lift
  • Increased cruise speed
  • Reduced stall speed
  • Higher rate-of-climb
  • Increased aileron authority
  • Increased range (better fuel efficiency)


Increase Safety:

  • Better spin resistance
  • More aileron authority for crosswinds
  • Reduced take-off and landing distances


Note: Optional hardware kit P/N 115H includes enough rivets to install Aileron Gap Seal Kit P/N 115-100.


For ordering information, go to Part Number 115-100

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