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McFarlane continues to provide more products and savings with Aero Twin!
Great Stuff for the Cessna Caravan and Other Models


Tire Scraper: P/N ATI-208TS

Shield your propeller from gravel, sand and water damage!

  • Easily installed in under 20 minutes
  • Clamps on to the nose gear fork, above your tire
  • Replacement rubber scrapers available
Protect the tail and bottom of the wings from damage!
  • Deflect gravel and rocks from the horizontal stabilizer and fuselage
  • Keep mud, snow, and rocks off your wings


Tail Stand P/N ATI-STAND 

Prevent your plane from falling on its tail while loading and unloading!


  • Adjustable height
  • Powder coated finish
  • Safe loading/unloading


Rudder Gust Lock:Caravan 208 and 208B P/N AT-4111-1 Daher Kodiak 100 P/N QK-4111-1

Restrain the rudder when parked!


  • Avoid rudder damage during windy conditions 
  • Can be disengaged with the elevator 


Nose Gear Gravel Deflectors: P/N NGD8-100

Protect your cargo pod and prevent cargo pod deice boot damage!


  • Deflect gravel and rocks from the cargo pod, belly, propeller, and the pod de-ice boot
  • For maximum equipment protections, install the Main Gear Gravel Deflector and the Nose Tire Scraper
  • Great for operating from paved surfaces


Exhaust Deflectors: P/N ED8-100

Keeps exhaust from impinging on the cargo pod

For aircraft with infrared cameras installed, P/N ED8-100-3 extends the deflector to avoid the camera view


  • Greatly reduces temperatures on the forward pod
  • Eliminates exhaust stains
  • Save $$$ on repairing heat-induced pod delamination
Seat Stop P/N SSC-001


  • Powder coated steel, stronger than the OEM
  • Replaces Cessna P/N 0713074-1

Pitot Covers: P/N PITOT

Protect the pitot tube from dirt, debris, and insects with a pitot tube cover without a ladder!



Main Gear Fairing Ribs - Upper: GF8-101 Lower: GF8-102

Tired of cracked main gear fairing baffles?


  • Save $$$ by avoiding costly repairs
  • Made with molded urethane rather than metal

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Tempest Products also available.



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