Fuel Gascolator Assemblies



Fast and easy to maintain!

Gascolators are precision machined out of 6061 aluminum and an improved o-ring seal. No more wire bails popping out of the cover! Eliminates stripped thumb wheels and screws.


Gascolator fits in existing Piper mounting brackets. Mounting brackets for Cessna aircraft are available. Each gascolator includes a screen, screen retainer and O-rings that seal the bowl to the top of the gascolator. D Series remote drain bowl also include the drain valve and lever.




  • FAA-PMA/STC (SA01026SE) and EASA approved
  • STC, AML and installation instructions included
  • Unique bayonet tab lock makes maintenance easy
  • Tested to 180 PSI
  • Great for homebuilt aircraft
  • Spare O-ring included 
  • Catalog Information


*Drain valve and mounting hardware are not included.


Maintenance Tip:

Avoid sealant on first thread to avoid contamination in fuel.

For ordering information, go to Fuel Gascolator Assemblies


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