Cessna Seat Release Control Assembly


Improved quality for increased longevity at a lower price! 

McFarlane has FAA-PMA approval on a direct replacement Seat Release Control Assembly that incorporates many design improvements. Our control assembly will last significantly longer! When your original fails, look to McFarlane to save money and hassle!


  • Cessna 172R,S, 182S,T, T182T, 206H, T206H
  • Lifetime anodized aluminum housing - not cheapy plastic
  • Heavy duty cable and terminal - twice as strong!
  • Nylon lined conduit tubing ensures your cable will not bind
  • Fully repairable
  • Save $$


Lifetime anodized aluminum housing
Heavy duty cable and terminal 


Lower service life costs with repair assemblies!



For ordering information, go to Part Number MCSPL1925-1.


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