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Interior Parts

McFarlane now offers a huge selection of interior plastic trim parts for your aircraft!
Plastic interior parts from Texas Aeroplastics, Premier Aerospace Services and Technology, and Vantage Plane Plastics offer high quality FAA-PMA replacement parts at affordable prices.



Texas Aeroplastics
Texas Aeroplastics replacement parts are made from top grade ABS plastic with an average service life of 15-20 years when properly fitted and professionally painted. ABS plastic parts are repairable and most have been trimmed for easy installation. All exterior ABS plastic parts are white. All interior parts are fire rated, top-grade Royalite with an ivory or off-white haircell finish.


Vantage Plane Plastics

Vantage Plane Plastics is the world’s largest supplier of quality FAA-PMA interior plastic replacement parts for general aviation. They have an extensive range of thermoformed plastics for commercial aerospace, with over 4,000 FAA-PMA approved parts for most single engine planes, helicopters, and multi-engine executive aircraft. 


Premier Aerospace Services and Technology, Inc.

Premier Aerospace Services and Technology, Inc. is a state of the art plastic components manufacturer providing high quality FAA-PMA replacement parts manufactured using PVC/Acrylic. 



Some products for Cessna aircraft are available in either light beige (-LB) or light gray (LG).
-LB for light beige -LG for light gray
Some products for Piper aircraft are available in either black (-B) or white (W).
-B for black
-W for white 

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