More than PMA. McFarlane has capabilites to support OEM Requirements




Custom Door Cablesdoor-cable

McFarlane is a diversified manufacturing company that specializes in providing affordable, high quality FAA-PMA components. In addition, we offer a complete line of custom designed and OEM products including door and flight control cables, push-pull controls, cargo and seat rails and many other unique products for the broader aerospace industry. Custom products are manufactured to the same standards using the same materials, rigorous testing and inspections as our FAA-PMA approved products; however, custom products are not FAA-PMA approved.  


Hand-crafted custom door cables can be fabricated to your specifications. Many color and configuration options available. Traceability of all materials and tests are maintained for our custom cables. Our extensive stock of cable and fittings allows us to provide expedited delivery to support our customers for most orders. For more information, go to Custom Door Cables.  



Custom Push-Pull Controls

Custom push-pull controls can be manufactured for aircraft not listed in the approved application charts. All McFarlane custom control cables are built to customer provided specifications. McFarlane custom controls duplicate the original customer supplied controls in regard to length, thread size and pitch, wear sleeve locations, diameter and travel length. For more information, go to Custom Push-Pull Controls.



Custom Flight Cables

McFarlane is DOD certified (QML listed) to fabricate flight cable assemblies to MIL-DTL-6117 specifications or we can manufacture to your specifications. McFarlane flight cables with standard AN or MS type fittings are pre-stretched and proof loaded in accordance with MIL-DTL-5688. Traceability of all materials and tests are maintained for our flight cables. Our extensive stock of cable and fittings allows us to provide expedited delivery to support our customers for most orders. For more information, go to Custom Flight Cables


Fuel Selector and Fuel Shut-Off Valve Repair

We can repair your fuel selector or fuel shut-off valve or you can purchase one from our stock and return yours for core credit. Repaired fuel valves are cleaned, inspected and assembled with all new seals, gaskets, hardware and parts as required. Each valve is repaired by our experienced A&P technicians and pressure tested for leaks and evaluated for proper fuel flow. You will receive a "Return to Service" tag to certify the repair. For more information, go to Fuel Valve Repair.


Cessna Trim Tab Actuator Services 

We now offer new FAA-PMA assemblies, replacement components, and services for your Trim Tab Actuator! Buy new or send yours in for 1000 hour service or repair. We will disassemble, clean, inspect, reset backlash, test, and return to service. Includes new housing, sintered bearings, groove pins, O-rings, and nuts. For more information, go to Cessna Trim Tab Actuator Services.



Universal Joint Drilling Service

McFarlane can precision locate and machine the tapered attachment hole in replacement Universal joints to exactly match the location of the tapered attachment in the old universal joint. The new universal joint will be partially taper reamed so that the installer will only have to do a final taper ream to match the taper depth of the shaft in the airplane. The precision match service prevents having to re-rig the aileron control system and assures proper end clearance in the aileron chain drive sprocket shaft assembly. For more information, go to Universal Joint Drilling Service.



Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding custom products, please call Kelli at 866-920-2741 ext. 313, or email her at Original patterns may be sent to Kelli's attention at McFarlane Aviation Products, 682 E 1700 RD, Building C, Baldwin City, KS 66006. Completed design forms may be faxed, emailed or mailed to McFarlane.


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