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Niel Seal

Abbey Product’s Niel Seal Light Compound is a flexible compound used as a joint sealant, caulking compound, corrosive preventative, lubricant, threaded joint dressing, insulating material, or filler with packing. Used on head and manifold gaskets of automotive and aircraft engines, water heater fittings gaskets, gas range values and fittings, pipe threads, etc. For all metal-to-metal unions with any kind of gasket. The best product for silk thread joints.


Light Compound (medium paste consistency for most aircraft applications)

  • Unaffected by water, oil, gasoline, glycerin, steam, gas vapor, exhaust fumes, and most hard-to-hold liquids
  • Withstands higher temperatures than other brands
  • Will not harden – great for silk thread joints, gaskets, and pipe joints
  • Vibration-proof and easy to disassemble for repairs and adjustments
  • Prevents corrosion and seizing of metal parts
  • Expands and contracts without affecting seal




Abbey Product’s Niel Seal Medium Compound is seals with a gasket or as a gasket. Seals pumps, tanks, pressed plates, covers, pans, etc. for pipe threads and imperfect or uneven surfaces. For general gasketing and machine joints, cylinder heads, manifolds, differentials, transmissions, muffler joints, radiator hose connections, and as a filler for water pump packing. Used as a gasket for housings that must retain oil and grease on appliances of all types.


Medium Compound (heavy paste consistency)

  • Heat-proof, vibration proof, non-solvent
  • Will not shrink, crumble, or crack
  • Prevents rust, corrosion, and seizure of joints, bolts, nuts, studs, and thread fittings
  • Withstands higher temperatures and pressures than other
  • Unaffected by water, gasoline, kerosene, grease, oil, LP and natural gas, steam, hot or cold water, glycerin, ethylene glycol ammonia, etc. 





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