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PowerUp Ignition Harnesses

FAA-PMA approved harnesses for Continental and Lycoming engines


  • Unique spring design for maximized energy and reduced flashover
  • Plated steel nuts for superior strength 
  • Abrasion and heat resistant polymer cover, offered in various colors
  • Repairable harness, replacement parts available 
  • Straight or 90° steel elbow leads
  • Available in complete sets or left and right individually


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Unique spring design:

PowerUp aircraft engine ignition harnesses incorporate a negative-pitch spring design (the tip of the coil spring extends inward) allowing the coil spring tip to lie flat against the spark plug electrode, providing 360º contact. Ignition energy is maximized and flashover is reduced to a minimum.


Replaceable contact springs:

Replacement springs are available separately saving you time and money when a field repair is necessary.


Plated steel nut:

Steel nuts offer superior strength compared to aluminum nuts and reduce the potential for galling during installation.



Using a tinned-copper, nickel plated braid shielding substantially reduces EMI and combined with a very flexible 19 strand conductor of stainless steel wire provides the ultimate in wire conductivity and ease of installation.


Abrasion and heat resistant:

The abrasion resistant red polymer cover has been engineered specifically for the high-temperature environment of reciprocating engines.




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