Door Hinges and Pins

Cabin Door Hinges for Cessna 172 and 175 Aircraft

Improved McFarlane design!

  • FAA-PMA solid welded design
  • Precision pin holes for longer life
  • Straight or bent to fit older aircraft
  • Pre-drilled and epoxy primed
  • Heat treated where required for extra strength and wear resistance
  • Catalog Eligibility 


Cabin Door Hinge Pins

Don't trust old brass pins!

  • FAA-PMA approved
  • Stainless steel - 5x stronger
  • Secure safety pin design
  • Easy to inspect
  • Fast door removal, makes cabin maintenance easier
  • Kit P/N CDHP-KT-1 contains four hinge pins




Bent or Straight Hinges - Only from McFarlane!


The Cessna legacy airplanes up until about 1979 had door post skins that had an inward angle where the door hinges mount. The upper long hinges for these aircraft require hinges that have about a 5° bend built in.


The newer model airplanes and new production airplanes do not have an inward angle at the door post skins and use a straight hinge. The Cessna part number is the same for all aircraft whether there is a bend or it is straight and this information is not in the Cessna parts manuals.


McFarlane makes both a bent hinge and a straight hinge as the hinges are difficult to bend in the field. Be sure to order the correct hinge by using a straight edge to verify if your hinges are bent or straight.


Please note that McFarlane does not have exact serial number information as to when the hinges went from bent to straight.

Door Hinges for Cessna Caravan

Door hinges have bushings for longer wear!

As the original equipment hinge halves wear and the aircraft door starts to sag, Cessna Service Bulletin CAB96-2 allows a one time repair through the use of an oversize door hinge pin. When the hinge again becomes worn and the door sags, the hinge halves must be replaced and an original size hinge pin re-installed.


  • FAA-PMA direct replacements
  • Fits all Cessna 208/208B aircraft
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Precision fit
  • Available with or without bushing
  • Replaceable bushings allow extended service life!