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Direct replacement pumps for Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Diamond, Maule, Mooney, Lake, Navion aircraft as well as Continental and Lycoming Engines
Manufactured by Tempest, PMA Products, Inc. and CJ Aviation 
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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
CF538600-1 ASSEMBLY, Washer $4.30
CF538600-3 ASSEMBLY, Washer $4.11
CF800-515-5/16 ASSEMBLY, Washer and O-Ring $37.50
CF800-515-8 ASSEMBLY, Washer and O-Ring $28.11
CF628249-7 BALL $3.63
CFRA7754 BEARING $285.93
CFRB9084 BEARING $63.73
CF635549 BLADE PUMP $89.20
CJ33963-02-F40 BRACKET ASSY, Fuel Pump, Weldon $0.000
CJ33963-02-F32 BRACKET ASSY, Fuel Pump, Weldon C8100-J $0.000
CF625293 BUSHING $24.56
CF2500 COTTER PIN $0.46
CFRB8935 COUPLING $587.58
CFRD8935-3 COUPLING $434.99
CFRB7779-2 COUPLING, Drive $181.03
CFRD7779-4 COUPLING, Drive $270.88
CFRB8199 DATA TAG $1.70
CF626536 DIAPHRAGM $78.07
CF642644 DIAPHRAGM $42.86

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