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Cessna Stabilizer Hinge Brackets


Cessna inboard hinge brackets (both left and right) are a part of the horizontal stabilizer attachment structure in the tailcone of the aircraft. These brackets are part of the structure that allows the hinging action necessary for the trim system to function. The brackets are subject to service letter SEL-055-01 and Airworthiness Directive 2020-21-22, which require these parts to be inspected every 5 years or 500 hours, whichever occurs first. It is best to replace the fatigued inboard brackets when installing the hockey stick fix (TAIL CONE ANGLE KIT).


These parts are prone to cracking and corrosion, requiring replacement. 

Cut installation time in half with TOOL136!





McFarlane Stabilizer Bracket Installer
McFarlane TOOL136 is designed to facilitate proper positioning and alignment of the stabilizer hinge brackets with original tail cone reinforcement angle (hockey sticks) or the McFarlane Tail Cone Angle Kit (STC SA02522AK). It consists largely of a shaft and two alignment spacers that ride on the shaft. This tool also effectively serves a stand-in for the aircraft's stabilizer during bracket installation, mimicking the spacing and thickness of the stabilizer hinges. 
Cut installation time in half!
Installation instructions available here.


The benefit of McFarlane TOOL136 is it provides proper alignment of the replacement brackets, where no OEM tool exists. Proper positioning and alignment of the brackets may be much more difficult without it, as its alignment spacers maintain proper hinge bracket spacing. If proper bracket alignment isn't maintained, the horizontal stabilizer could bind and the trim system would not function properly. Save yourself time and money!




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Cessna 180 180J 18052385 18052770 6640
Cessna 180 180K 18052771 18053203 6640
Cessna 185 A185F 18502311 18504448 6640

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