Part Number: AA1K9-8-10


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Tempest High Flow Fittings


Tempest fittings are FAA-PMA approved and are specially designed to reduce pressure drop and improve pneumatic system performance. High flow fittings are manufactured with light weight thin wall steel tubing, allowing the fittings to have smooth tube bends that permit even air flow through the fitting with minimal restrictions. Fittings with bends from 45 to 160 degrees or straight are available.


Pneumatic Fitting Specifications


Part Number Description Angle Aircraft Used In
AA1K1-4-6 1/4 NPT x 3/8 Hose 90 deg  
AA1K1-4-8 1/4 NPT x 1/2 Hose 90 deg  
AA1K1-6-8 3/8 NPT x 1/2 Hose 90 deg Piper
AA1K1-6-10 3/8 NPT x 5/8 Hose 90 deg Cessna, Maule, Piper, Beech 
AA1K1-8-10 1/2 NPT x 5/8 Hose 90 deg Beech
AA1K1-8-12 1/2 NPT x 3/4 Hose 90 deg  
AA1K8-6-8 3/8 NPT x 1/2 Hose 52 deg Piper
AA1K8-6-10 3/8 NPT x 5/8 Hose 52 deg Cirrus
AA1K9-4-6 1/4 NPT x 3/8 Hose 60 deg Cessna
AA1K9-6-10 3/8 NPT x 5/8 Hose 45 deg Cessna, Cirrus, Beech
AA1K9-8-10 1/2 NPT x 5/8 Hose 45 deg  
AA1K9-8-12 1/2 NPT x 3/4 Hose 45 deg  
AA1K10-2-4 1/8 NPT x 1/4 Hose Straight  
AA1K22-10-10 5/8 x 5/8 Hose Bulkhead Straight Piper
AA1K43-10-10 5/8 x 5/8 Hose Bulkhead  90 deg Mooney, Piper



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OEM Part Number McFarlane Part Number Comment
1K9-8-10 AA1K9-8-10

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