Part Number: CA457-98


Product Details

Fuel Cap Seal
Don't pay $750 for a fuel cap when you only need to replace the seal!


  • The only seal that legally replaces the main seal on many Beech fuel caps
  • Made of a fluorosilicone material with unlimited shelf life
  • Round o-ring seal
warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Quantity Per Aircraft Location Comment Eligibility Chart
Beechcraft 100 100 B-2 B-93
Beechcraft 100 A100 B-90 B-247
Beechcraft 100 B100 BE-1 BE-137
Beechcraft 200 200 BB-2 BB-912
Beechcraft 200 200C BL-1 BL-36
Beechcraft 200 200CT BN-1 BN-1
Beechcraft 200 200T BT-1 BT-22
Beechcraft 200 B200 BB-734 BB-9999
Beechcraft 200 B200C (C-12F) BL-37 BL-9999
Beechcraft 200 B200CT BN-2 BN-4
Beechcraft 200 B200T BT-23 BT-9999
Beechcraft 90 E90 LW-1 LW-9999
Beechcraft 90 F90 LA-2 LA-204
Beechcraft 99 99 U-1 U-136
Beechcraft 99 99A U-36 U-147
Beechcraft 99 A99A U-132 U-132
Beechcraft 99 B99 U-146 U-164
Beechcraft 99 C99 U-165 U-239

Frequently Asked Questions

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