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TOOL, Piper Taper Pin Removal

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U-Joint Taper Pin Removal Tool for Piper Control Yoke 
An affordable tool to quickly remove stuck taper pins


Piper AD2010-15-10 requires inspection of the connection between the control yoke universal joint and the shaft on the forward (engine) end of the joint. Removing the taper pin that holds the shaft and u-joint together can be very difficult due to the limited space behind the panel. To make matters worse, there isn't anything solid to hammer against, and using a hammer may damage the control yoke structure or delicate avionics.


The McFarlane taper pin removal tool makes this job easy and safe even with the most stubborn taper pins. Simply position the tool on the u-joint and tighten the bolts until the pin breaks free.


  • Makes removal of stuck pins easy
  • Prevents damage from hammering behind the panel
  • Compact to get into tight spaces


This simple, affordable tool will save you hours of labor and frustration.  



Maintenance Tip:
How do I know if my universal joint needs to be replaced?
A universal joint attaches to each control yoke shaft behind the instrument panel. Replacement of the universal joint is recommended if any free motion or rust around the joint pivots is detected.


What can I do if I cannot separate the shaft from the universal joint?
We can help! McFarlane offers a service to remove stuck shafts. Call 866-920-2741 for details. 


Customer Testimonial:
"A little feedback on the Taper Pin Removal tool P/N TOOL107. I was in the process of complying with the AD requiring the removal and inspection of the Piper control yoke universal to sprocket shaft fitting. I had completed the inspection on two aircraft and had really struggled to get the taper pin out on each yoke. Finally, on the third aircraft, I just couldn't get one out and decided to order this tool. I was amazed at how easy it made the job."   ~Anonymous (01/17/11)

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2010-12-03 Taper Pin Removal Tool

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How do I know if my universal joint needs to be replaced?

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