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Product Details

PROP GUARD Installation Tool 

Saves time and makes installation easier!


This rubber coated roller makes working air bubbles out during installation easier than using the spatula included with the PROP GUARD kit. The rubber conforms to the shape of the propeller, and the rolling action allows you to press harder to eliminate small air bubbles. It is recommended for customers who may be installing more than one PROP GUARD or those who just want to make the job faster and easier.


warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

Eligible Aircraft

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fly in the rain with PROP GUARD installed?
I noticed an expiration date on the box of PROP GUARD, what components of the kit expire?
Do I have to fill out a form 337?
Can I install PROP GUARD on a Composite prop if it is not listed on the approved model list?
Can PROP GUARD be installed on polished propellers?
How do I remove PROP GUARD?
What causes the paint to come off the prop after PROP GUARD installation?
Can I use spray paint to paint my prop?
Can PROP GUARD be installed on a wooden prop?
Can PROP GUARD be installed on a seaplane application to stop water erosion?
How does PROP GUARD work to stop rock and abrasion damage?
How do I prepare my bare metal areas on my propeller for new paint?
Will PROP GUARD degrade propeller performance?
Will PROP GUARD protect my propeller from damage caused by a big rock?
How long does it take to put on PROP GUARD?
Why is PROP GUARD clear?
Why is PROP GUARD glossy instead of flat? A satin or flat finish would match the flat black on the back of the propeller.
Is PROP GUARD the same as the abrasion tape that I see advertised?

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