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Cowl Saver™ with Bi-Flex™ Technologoy


Cowl Saver™ Baffle Seal Material with Bi-Flex™ Technology
30x less friction than any other baffle seal on earth!
Reduce airframe vibration, stop cowl and firewall cracks


Baffle seal friction causes airframe vibration and destroys cowls

Typical silicone rubber baffle seals have a coefficient of friction among the highest of any known material. This friction transfers engine vibration into your cowl and firewall causing fastener fretting, fatigue, cracking, chafing and airframe vibration.


Cowl Saver™ has 30 times less friction!

  • Dramatically reduces the friction between your cowl and baffle seals
  • One side is silicone and the other is a low friction Teflon coated rubber
  • Half of the engine vibration you feel in the cockpit is from baffle seal transfer


Low friction saves you money!

  • Reduces transfer of vibration to the engine cowl and airframe
  • Eliminates cowl erosion
  • Extends baffle seal life
  • Reduces expensive cowl and cowl fastener repairs
  • Reduces fatigue and cracking in baffles, cowl skins and firewall
  • Cowling even goes on easier!
  • 36-month Money Back Guarantee!


Unbeatable performance


P/N Size 
CS085X18X36G 18 in X 36 in 
CS085X36X36G 36 in X 36 in 
CS085X3X36GBF 3 in X 36 in with Bi-Flex™
CS085X3X108GBF 3 in X 108 in with Bi-Flex™
CS085X3X156GBF 3 in X 156 in with Bi-Flex™
Color: Black/Gray
Thickness: 0.085 inches
Convenient Baffle Seal Repair Kits also available.  

For ordering information, go to Cowl Saver



Note: For proper function, install Cowl Saver™ material so that only the low friction (black) side touches the cowl's inside surface. Carefully plan the baffle seal installation before cutting the material.

Baffle seals created using this product are protected by U.S. Patent No. US 8,070,099 B2.

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