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LED products convert power directly into light, are far more efficient than incandescent lights, draw less current, and require no external power supply. LEDs turn on instantly, dissipate minimal heat, and are unaffected by on/off cycles. Choose LED lighting for superior brightness, clarity, range, and visibility you can count on!












Replacement Lenses & Bulbs


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AeroLEDs offer high efficiency, direct replacement LED lighting for hundreds of aircraft. AeroLEDs are light weight, shock and vibration resistant, and have low drag. LED lighting easily lasts over 50,000 hours of continuous operation with no reduction by on/off cycles, with up to 80% reduced power consumption. The built-in Pulse Mode and synchronization blink the light on and off at a 1Hz rate when power is applied to the Pulse Mode power wire. Higher color temperature provides superior visibility and clarity. 





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Whelen Aerospace Technologies is the global leader in high-end lighting products for the aerospace industry. Experienced staff designs, engineers, and manufactures high-quality products that provide safety, visibility, and recognition for aircraft across all platforms. Design engineers work closely with OEM and service provider networks to design high-performance products that enhance the pilot experience, as well as provide safety of flight. 



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