MT Propellers for Cessna 180

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 2 and 3 Blade MT Composite Propellers for Cessna 180 Aircraft
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The MT Composite Advantage


  • Save up to 27 pounds off the nose!
  • Quieter - inside and out
  • Reduced take off distance
  • Improved climb
  • Shorter landing
  • Improved engine cooling
  • SMOOTH operation reduces airframe/engine wear and pilot fatigue
  • Unlimited blade and hub life
  • Faster cruise
  • Tough nickel-cobalt leading edge
  • Unbeatable aesthetic and ramp appeal


AVweb Article: Composite Propellers: Longevity, Efficiency



Reverse Option Available!

The Exclusive MT Reversing option for piston-powered aircraft brings an entirely new level of safety, maneuverability, and control, of both land and sea planes. Choose from any number of blades, with optional electric or alcohol deice boots. Reversing props aren't just handy for maneuvering on water - backcountry pilots and National STOL competitors also use this prop to significantly reduce landing distance! 


Superior performance, safety, maneuverability, and comfort.

MT Composite Propellers are light-weight, vibration-free, have life unlimited blades and reduced the risk of engine damage from prop strikes. You will experience smooth and improved maneuverability and performance during take-off, climb, cruise, and landing. The vibration-free operation generates less fatigue for the crew and airframe, improving comfort for you and the life of your gyros, motor mounts, radios, heat muffs, and cowlings. Additionally, the improved efficiency of MT Propellers leads to lower operating costs! Stainless steel Leading Edges and enhanced Carbon Fiber Jacket results in superior durability and protection from impacts.


MT Propellers have FOD repairable blades, higher ground clearance, and life-unlimited parts. They also produce cooler ITTs during engine start up producing less engine wear, reduced risk of hot starts, lower engine temperatures and no RPM restriction for the complete operation range.

Metal props have absolute dimension limits. Every time a nick is filed out and the prop is dressed, you get closer to that limit. At some point it will exceed the use tolerances and must be scrapped. In addition, each time a metal prop is dressed, you will change the optimized performance dimensions established by the manufacturer. MT Propellers, when overhauled, are brought back to exact factory new dimensions!


Prop Strike!? MT Natural Composite Propellers are Credited for Saving Lives!

Lab tests and field experience has shown less damage with MT Composite props. Usually, the tips were sheared off rebuildable and the engine was not subjected to sudden stoppage. This will save you (and your insurance company) time and money. Blades are easily repairable and your engine is undamaged. If blade is damaged beyond repair, don't worry! We have most replacement blades in stock ready to ship today! 


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