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World's Largest MT-Propeller Distributor 
Whether you're a backcountry pilot, mainline carrier, flight instructor, experimental, ferry, aerobatic, or corporate,
MT Propellers will provide you with superior safety, performance, maneuverability, and control. 
Click the images to learn more about the variety of advantages and applications.   
High performance, vibration-free natural composite, and hydraulic propellers available for hundreds of aircraft models.  




The MT Composite Propeller Experience


  • German scimitar airfoil improves thrust, take-off, climb, and cruise
  • Vibration dampening
    • Improves life of engine and avionic components 
    • Reduces maintenance costs
    • Significant inside and outside noise reduction
  • Stainless steel and Nickel-Cobalt Leading edges for superior durability and erosion protection
  • Light-weight
  • Unlimited blade life
  • Reverse option available with select aircraft


STCs for hundreds of aircraft models.


For more information contact our Propeller Specialists at 866-717-1117.

Note: Many different configurations of these props and spinners are in stock. Please call for details and pricing.    



Part Number Description Your Price Stock
198-52 BLADES, SERVICE OHC, Nickel Leading Edge, Flt Blk/Wht $0.000
200-52 BLADES, SERVICE OHC, NLE, Flt Blk/Wht $0.000
210-58 BLADES, SERVICE OHC $0.000
210-58 OHC Blades, OHC $0.000
A-026-1-A-14 SPACER $0.000
A-1421-2-A RING, FLUID DEICE $0.000
A-1559-B SPACER $0.000
A-1655-1 LEVER EXTENSION $0.000
A-1655-2-A LEVER EXTENSION $0.000
A-1655-3 LEVER EXTENSION $0.000
AA9144 GASKET, Prop Governor
Free Shipping on orders over $500
Free Shipping on orders over $500
Free Shipping on orders over $500
B-014-2-A_P-208-8 DOME $0.000
B-211-C SPINNER $0.000
B-480-3-A PIPE, FLUID DEICE 1 $0.000
BFG_4E2200-3 DE-ICE BOOT $0.000
BFG_4E3278-4 DEICE BOOT $0.000

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