The Best Propeller for Your Mooney

World's Largest MT-Propeller Distributor
The MT 4-Blade Composite Propeller For Your Mooney M20R, S and TN
TCM IO-550-[ ] including turbo & supercharged engines. Also compatible with engine change or modification STCs.
For ordering information, call our Propeller Specialists John and Larry at 866-717-1117.

Improve the performance, safety, and comfort and reduce operating costs!


  • Smooth, vibration-free operation
  • Tough Nickle-Cobalt leading edges
    • Superior durability and erosion protection
  • Enhanced climb performance
  • Enhanced cruise performance on turbo equipped models
  • Superior engine cooling, lower CHTs, and reduced oil temperatures
    • Reduced fuel burn
  • Aerodynamic braking action
  • Controlled descents and shorter rollout distance
  • Unlimited blade life, lower cost overhaul and No AD’s
  • More ground clearance resulting in less FODs
  • Significant noise reduction inside and out
  • Hot Prop & FIKI compatible Fluid Deice available
  • Data Sheet



Additional STCs for Mooney Aircraft


  • 3-blade composite propeller for M20E, F, J with Lycoming IO-360()
  • 3-blade composite propeller for M20K with Teledyne Continental Motors TSIO-360-LB, -GB1, -GB4, -MB1, -MB2, -SB1
  • 4-blade composite propeller for M20M with Textron-Lycoming according to aircraft TCDS 2A3. TIO-540-A1FA, -A1FB


 For ordering information, call our Propeller Specialists John and Larry at 866-717-1117




Now Offering 32 Additional Push-Pull Controls for Your Mooney!

Throttle, Prop and Mixture Controls for Mooney Aircraft

Quality FAA-PMA Approved Controls by McFarlane


  • Solid metal construction
  • Pilot friendly knobs
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Superior low friction conduit


*Microswitch Dust Boot and ICA included with microswitch cutout controls. Our boot keeps foreign objects out of the control and prevents contamination lock-up.




Catalog information

For ordering information go to ThrottleProp, or Mixture controls.




Vernier-Assist™ Throttle Controls for Mooney

Precision control with our roller action vernier 


Providing smooth jam-proof coarse and fine adjustments



  • Jam-proof safety
  • Precision power adjustments
  • Smooth friction control
  • Light and compact
  • Standard vernier action, without the button!
  • Microswitch Dust Boot and ICA included with microswitch cutout controls


Catalog information

For ordering information go to Vernier-Assist Throttle Controls.




Ram-Air Controls for Mooney Aircraft

FAA-PMA Approved Controls!


  • High temperature Teflon© lined conduit
  • Push-pull design
  • Direct cable connection between control knob and ram air flaps
  • Comes with McFarlane FAA approved Microswitch Dust Boot & ICA for control debris protection


Catalog information

For ordering information go to Push-Pull Controls.





McFarlane Push-Pull Control Wrench Set

Install and remove push-pull control nuts behind the panel




  • Slot provides clearance for conduit
  • Wrench anywhere on the external hex
  • 5.5" length provides clearance
  • Lightweight aluminum is easy to handle when using overhead
  • Works with all controls - six nut sizes: 1/2", 9/16", 11/16", 3/4", 7/8", and 1"
  • Many other uses (brake/fuel/vent/hydraulic lines, etc.)
  • Includes case
  • Product Demonstration Video




C J Aviation FAA-PMA Fuel Pumps for Mooney Aircraft 
Manufacturing the best fuel pumps in the industry for more than 20 years. 
  • Direct replacements
  • Two year warranty or 300 hours, whichever comes first



  • Redesigned motor
  • Tighter tolerances



  • In stock
  • Most orders ship same day



*A refundable core charge is included in the price of all C J Aviation FAA-PMA pumps.

*When a qualified core is returned within 60 days of the original invoice date.

For ordering information go to Fuel Pumps.



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