Brownline Seat/Cargo Tracks

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Brownline Seat and Cargo Tracks   

P/N STE105 

P/N 6656 


  • Width = 1.35", Height = 0.37"
  • Medium Duty
  • Perfect for homebuilt or experimental projects
  • Slotted extrusion with 0.785" diameter openings every one inch
  • Compatible with common MS33601 0.73" diameter style fittings
  • Precision machined and quality controlled
  • Aerospace grade 7075-T6511 aluminum with full traceability


Standard Lengths:
P/N 6656-L (L = the minimum length in inches)

  • Stock lengths anodized for corrosion protection.
  • Available in 612182436487296120144160 and 179 inch lengths.


Note: Lengths are measured from "hole to hole". There is an additional 1/2" on both ends to total 1" longer than lengths stated above. 



P/N STE105

  • Available by the inch
  • Slotted extrusion without machined openings
  • Non-anodized


Anchors and tie downs also available.



Note: A custom cut fee of $30.00 will be added to each order of seat rail extrusion. A crate fee of $5.00 per rail will apply to every rail over 48" in length. 


Please note the following length restrictions by carrier: 

Domestic International
USPS Priority - up to 84" USPS Priority - up to 60"
USPS Parcel Post - up to 106" UPS - Up to 108"
UPS Ground - up to 108" FedEx Express - up to 106"
FedEx Ground - up to 108" Freight carrier - 109" to 180"
FedEx Express - up to 119"  
Freight carrier - 120" to 180"  

Note: Due to this product's length and required packing material, the estimated freight charge quoted at the time of checkout may not be correct. Additional shipping and crating charges on top of the quoted freight charge may also apply. For an accurate estimate of actual shipping costs, please email your address and preferred ship method to our Shipping department at

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
4015C08A STUD, Quick Disconnect, SS, 1/4-20, Hex Drive
Free Shipping
4015C08B STUD, Quick Disconnect, SS, 1/4-20, Slot Drive
Free Shipping
4015C12A STUD, Quick Disconnect, SS, 3/8-24, Hex Drive
Free Shipping
4015C12B STUD, Quick Disconnect, SS, 3/8-24, Slot Drive
Free Shipping
6656-6 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 6"
Free Shipping
6656-12 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 12"
Free Shipping
6656-18 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 18"
Free Shipping
6656-24 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 24"
Free Shipping
6656-36 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 36"
Free Shipping
6656-48 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 48"
Free Shipping
6656-72 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 72" $208.15
6656-96 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 96" $270.72
6656-120 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 120" $325.68
6656-144 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 144" $398.89
6656-160 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 160" $422.40
6656-179 TRACK, Brownline, Anod., 179" $446.69
MC41528-14 ANCHOR, Quick Release
Free Shipping
MC297100-3 ROLLER, Transport
Free Shipping
MC298113-1 SHAFT
Free Shipping
MC298301-1 ROLLER, Transport
Free Shipping

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