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McFarlane Flight Control Cables

McFarlane has over 4,500 cable assemblies and chains in stock. We have FAA-PMA approved cables available in corrosion resistant stainless or high strength galvanized steel for most 100 and 200 series Cessna aircraft, PA28, PA32, and PA34 series Piper aircraft and G-164 series Ag-Cat aircraft. McFarlane also stocks cables for single engine piston and many turbine and twin engine Beechcraft, and stabilator adjust cables for Piper J3, PA11, PA12, PA14, PA16, PA18, PA18A, PA20 and PA22 aircraft.




McFarlane quality is second to none!


  • Cables available in galvanized or stainless steel - How to Determine Flight Cable Composition
  • Cables, chains, and pulleys can be purchased as kits, or separately
  • When you order cable and terminals from McFarlane you will always receive a certified product!
  • Our large volume purchases give you great prices
  • We are one of a few DOD QML-6117 certified manufacturers of aircraft cable assemblies!



Trim Control Chains
McFarlane offers the trim control chains for Cessna single engine and most Beechcraft aircraft. Don't forget to replace your trim control chains!


Custom Fabrication

If you can't find the cable you are looking for, McFarlane offers Custom Cable Fabrication services. 


For more information, go to McFarlane Flight Control System Features. 



New Trim Tab Actuator and Repair Services also available.  

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
2R59573001-1AC CABLE, DOUBLE BALL END $160.00
240 PIN, #25 Chain $0.79
601R318127-3AC CABLE ASSEMBLY, Ice-Break $65.00
ACA-5A CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $173.82
ACA-5B CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $102.64
ACA-7A CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $173.82
ACA-7B CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $102.64
ACA-101A CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $212.93
ACA-401A CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $177.13
ACA-401B CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $134.10
BCKT-01-AIL KIT, Cable, Aileron, Beech $651.83
BCKT-01-ELE KIT, Cable, Elevator, Beech $1227.63
BCKT-01-RUD KIT, Cable, Rudder, Beech $799.76
BCKT-01-STB KIT, Cable, Stabilator, Beech $745.16
BCKT-02-AIL KIT, Cable, Aileron, Beech $419.40
BCKT-02-ELE KIT, Cable, Elevator, Beech $1672.19
BCKT-02-RUD KIT, Cable, Rudder, Beech $799.40
BCKT-02-STB KIT, Cable, Stabilator, Beech $767.25
BCKT-03-AIL KIT, Cable, Aileron, Beech $445.30
BCKT-03-ELE KIT, Cable, Elevator, Beech $1428.12

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