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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
2R59573001-1AC CABLE, DOUBLE BALL END $160.00
240 PIN, #25 Chain $0.79
601R318127-3AC CABLE ASSEMBLY, Ice-Break $65.00
ACA-5A CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $168.75
ACA-5B CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $99.65
ACA-7A CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $168.75
ACA-7B CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $99.65
ACA-101A CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $206.73
ACA-401A CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $171.97
ACA-401B CABLE, Aileron, Ag-Cat $130.19
BCKT-01-AIL KIT, Cable, Aileron, Beech $651.84
BCKT-01-ELE KIT, Cable, Elevator, Beech $1227.64
BCKT-01-RUD KIT, Cable, Rudder, Beech $799.74
BCKT-01-STB KIT, Cable, Stabilator, Beech $745.16
BCKT-02-AIL KIT, Cable, Aileron, Beech $443.92
BCKT-02-ELE KIT, Cable, Elevator, Beech $1672.20
BCKT-02-RUD KIT, Cable, Rudder, Beech $799.39
BCKT-02-STB KIT, Cable, Stabilator, Beech $767.26
BCKT-03-AIL KIT, Cable, Aileron, Beech $505.21
BCKT-03-ELE KIT, Cable, Elevator, Beech $1458.55

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