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Cessna Carburetor Heat Air Box Assemblies

PMA approved for Cessna 152 thru 188 models

  • All new improved components
  • Strong stainless steel material where needed
  • Quality built! McFarlane vibration dampening bearing system


Newly constructed air box assemblies reduce maintenance headaches, increase efficiency of the induction system, and feature vibration-absorbing bearings. Repetitive vibration cycles cause metal fatigue on the air box. Repairing these parts is not always cost effective and degrades the reliability of your air box. New assemblies will eliminate cracks and repairs from vibration fatigue. Additionally, damaged components, mis-repair, and inferior seals limit the ability to clear away ice. Newly assembled air boxes feature our McFarlane vibration-absorbing bearings, which extends the service life of all components. Plus, no more needle bearing failures!




Replacement components including flange and flappers are available separately.


Air Filter Shroud Assemblies, and Induction Air Filters also available. 

Maintenance Tip
Engine vibration creates extreme stress and motion in the carb heat control system. Friction is required to dampen the vibration and wear in the carb heat cable, airbox, and airbox butterfly system. McFarlane’s carb heat cables have a built-in friction/tension system to reduce vibration wear and provide a smooth consistent feel to the control. We use a heavier inner wire with modified hardness for reliability and preventing wear. Our controls have high temperature Teflon liner to prevent metal-to-metal vibration wear.
Our novel air box butterfly bearings are made from a special captured rubber elastomer to reduce carb heat control system wear. Our vibration dampening carb heat controls stay in place and do not move from vibration. The carb heat controls last much longer with our McFarlane improvements!

Replace your old, worn, carb heat cable with a new McFarlane FAA-PMA approved cable.


Manufactured by Acorn Welding.

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
2011-4.00 RETAINER STRIP $4.25
2011-5.75 RETAINER STRIP $2.57
2013-1 RETAINER STRIP $7.78
2013-2 RETAINER STRIP $5.38
2013-3 RETAINER STRIP $7.78
ABS-KT-01 SEAL KIT, Air Filter Shroud $49.95
ABS-KT-02 SEAL KIT, Air Filter Shroud $74.95
ABS-KT-03 SEAL KIT, Air Filter Shroud $89.95
MC0450066-5 Air Filter Shroud Assembly $704.86
MC0452017-15 Air Filter Shroud Assembly $454.18
MC0552130-11 Air Filter Shroud Assembly $495.72
0550180-10AWL FLAPPER ASSEMBLY, Carb Air Box $509.00
0550180-13AWL FLANGE, Carb Attach $343.05
0552113-10AWL AIRBOX, Center Panel, C172 $398.13
0552113-11AWL CARB AIR BOX $4225.00
0552113-11AWL W/0552130-1 CARB AIR BOX, with Dynamic Propeller DP052130-1 Seal Installed, Special Order $5125.00
0552113-13AWL CARB AIR BOX $4225.00
0552113-13AWL W0552130-11 AIRBOX, C172 $4950.00
0552164-4AWL CARB AIR BOX $3890.00
0552169-6AWL FLAPPER ASSEMBLY, Carb Air Box $509.00

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