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Custom Push-Pull Controls

McFarlane can manufacture Push-Pull Controls for most any aircraft flying today. All McFarlane push-pull custom controls are built to customer provided specifications. Our custom controls duplicate the original customer supplied controls in regard to length, thread size and pitch, wear sleeve locations, and travel length.


Our custom controls are manufactured to the same standards using the same materials, rigorous testing and inspections as our FAA-PMA approved products; however, custom controls are not FAA-PMA approved. When you purchase a McFarlane custom control you can be assured of traceability of all materials and tests are maintained for our controls.


Overview of our Push-Pull Capabilities

  • Push-to-Unlock Dual Conduit Controls
  • Push-to-Unlock Single Controls / Quadrant Type Controls
  • Throttle Controls / Turn-to-Lock Dual Controls
  • Turn-to-Lock Single Controls
  • Universal Light-Weight Single Controls
  • Vernier-Assist Mixture Controls and Throttle Controls
  • Vernier Type Controls (Prop and Mixture)



For more information, go to Custom Push-Pull Controls.


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CUSTOM Custom Controls, Cables, Door Cables, and Seat Rails $0.000

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