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AERO-Classics Engine-Mount (Continental Engines)

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AERO-Classics Oil Coolers for Continental Engines 
The oil coolers on Continental engines often mount directly to the engine and do not require hoses. There are several types and variations of these oil coolers. Read How to Identify Continental Engine Oil Coolers to help determine which type you need.
AERO-Classics Continental Engine Oil Coolers 


FAA-PMA Approved

  • Direct replacements for most oil coolers
  • Ideal for many certified and experimental aircraft
  • FAA 8130-3 tags included with each oil cooler
  • Catalog eligibility information


Outstanding Performance
In side-by-side comparative performance tests, AERO-Classics 7 and 9 plate oil coolers outclassed competitive models, offering better overall cooling and lower weight.


Highest Quality, Best Value

  • Corrosion protection per MIL-C-5541, Class 1A
  • Pressure tested to 400 psig
  • Optimized internal oil flow design
  • Low cost
  • Two year warranty
  • In-stock for fast delivery
  • Gaskets and washers sold separately


Go to AERO-Classics Engine Mount Oil Cooler FAA-PMA Eligibility for Continental Engines for eligibility information.


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
G-KT-1 GASKET KIT, Oil Cooler
Free Shipping on orders over $500
G-KT-2 GASKET KIT, Oil Cooler 8000464
Free Shipping on orders over $500
G-KT-3 GASKET KIT, Oil Cooler 8000953
Free Shipping on orders over $500
G-KT-5 GASKET KIT, Oil Cooler 8001213
Free Shipping on orders over $500
625966 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $4.58
627496 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $13.95
632705 WASHER, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $9.28
632706 WASHER, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $10.88
649961 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $0.91
649964 GASKET, Plate, Cong Oil Cooler $8.65
649989 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $3.55
652079 GASKET, Plate, Non-Cong Oil Cooler $7.66
654117 GASKET, 8 Bolt Cong Oil Cooler $9.63
654553 GASKET, 12 Bolt Cong Oil Cooler $31.62
654554 GASKET, Non-Cong 7th Stud Oil Cooler $18.32
654555 GASKET, 12 Bolt Cong 7th Stud Oil Cooler $22.30
654560 GASKET, Non-Cong Oil Cooler $57.73
8000319 OIL COOLER, 11" Non-Congealing $1332.79
8000440 OIL COOLER, Rear Mount $1607.32
8000464 OIL COOLER, Rear Mount $1560.45

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