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AERO-Classics Oil Cooler Gaskets for Continental Engines

McFarlane stocks all Continental oil cooler gaskets and has convenient kits for rear mount Continental oil coolers.


Go to AERO-Classics Engine Mount Oil Cooler FAA-PMA Eligibility for Continental Engines for eligibility information.



Part Number Description Your Price Stock
G-KT-1 GASKET KIT, Oil Cooler
Free Shipping on orders over $500
G-KT-2 GASKET KIT, Oil Cooler 8000464
Free Shipping on orders over $500
G-KT-3 GASKET KIT, Oil Cooler 8000953
Free Shipping on orders over $500
G-KT-5 GASKET KIT, Oil Cooler 8001213
Free Shipping on orders over $500
625966 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $4.58
627496 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $13.95
632705 WASHER, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $9.28
632706 WASHER, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $10.88
649961 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $0.91
649964 GASKET, Plate, Cong Oil Cooler $8.65
649989 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $3.55
652079 GASKET, Plate, Non-Cong Oil Cooler $7.66
654117 GASKET, 8 Bolt Cong Oil Cooler $9.63
654553 GASKET, 12 Bolt Cong Oil Cooler $31.62
654554 GASKET, Non-Cong 7th Stud Oil Cooler $18.32
654555 GASKET, 12 Bolt Cong 7th Stud $22.30
654560 GASKET, Non-Cong Oil Cooler $57.73
MS35769-11 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount
Free Shipping on orders over $500

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