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AERO-Classics Oil Coolers

FAA-PMA Approved

  • Direct replacements for most oil coolers
  • Ideal for many certified and experimental aircraft
  • FAA 8130-3 tags included with each oil cooler
  • Catalog Eligibility Information


Outstanding Performance 
In side-by-side comparative performance tests, AERO-Classics 7 and 9 plate oil coolers outclassed competitive models, offering better overall cooling and lower weight.


Highest Quality, Best Value

  • Corrosion protection per MIL-C-5541, Class 1A
  • Optimized internal oil flow design
  • Low cost
  • In stock for fast delivery
  • Pressure tested to 400 psig
  • Two year warranty
  • Gaskets and washers sold separately


AERO-Classics FAA-PMA Engine-Mount Oil Coolers (Continental Engines)



AERO-Classics FAA-PMA Remote-Mount Oil Coolers (Lycoming Type)



High Efficiency Oil Coolers (Stewart Warner Type)

Stewart Warner Oil Coolers


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
8446S OIL COOLER, Stewart-Warner $1920.28
10611R OIL COOLER, Stewart-Warner $974.78
10611S OIL COOLER, Stewart-Warner $1181.25
625966 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $4.45
627496 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $12.04
632705 WASHER, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $5.61
632706 WASHER, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $10.56
649961 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $0.88
649964 GASKET, Plate, Cong Oil Cooler $8.40
649989 GASKET, Oil Cooler, Rear-Mount $3.45
652079 GASKET, Plate, Non-Cong Oil Cooler $7.44
654117 GASKET, 8 Bolt Cong Oil Cooler $9.35
654553 GASKET, 12 Bolt Cong Oil Cooler $30.70
654554 GASKET, Non-Cong 7th Stud Oil Cooler $16.94
654555 GASKET, 12 Bolt Cong 7th Stud Oil Cooler $21.65
654560 GASKET, Non-Cong Oil Cooler $54.11
8000074 OIL COOLER, 9 Row Drawn Cup $435.00
8000075 OIL COOLER, 7 Row Drawn Cup $435.61
8000215 OIL COOLER, 13 Row Drawn Cup $500.38
8000216 OIL COOLER, 17 Row Drawn Cup $594.14

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