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Vacuum Pump Cooling Kit

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Vacuum Pump Cooling Kit
P/Ns KIT #10KIT #11, and KIT #20
Increase the life of your vacuum pump!


  • Uses ram air to keep cooler air flowing around the pump housing for longer life
  • Installation hardware included


Vacuum pump not included. 

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
2CDH SHROUD, 3.96 OD $23.50
2CDH-1 FLANGE, 1.00"" $8.11
2CDH-2 TUBING, 1.00" $18.25
4ADH SHROUD, 3.96 OD, Modified $27.67
6ADH SHROUD, 4.20 OD $16.99
6ADH-1 FLANGE, 1.25"" $11.36
6ADH-2 TUBING, 1.25" $23.60
KIT #10 COOLING KIT, Vacuum Pump $93.86
KIT #11 COOLING KIT, Vacuum Pump $118.31
KIT #20 COOLING KIT, Vacuum Pump $106.75
AN365-632 NUT, Locking, 6-32 $0.23
AN526-632R8 SCREW, 6-32, 1/2"" $0.079
AN960-6 WASHER $0.042

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