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Funnel that stops water and dirt!  

Mr. Funnel is a heavy-duty, fast-flow filter in a funnel that separates damaging free water and solids from fuel. Works with all aviation fuels, gasoline, diesel and kerosene.


  • Tested and proven in rugged Arctic environment
  • Expected ten year life
  • Fast flow rates
  • Self-cleaning lifetime filter
  • Teflon coated stainless steel filter
  • Conductive plastic


Part Number Size Gallons per Minute
F1C  6" x 3.5"  2.7 GPM 
F3C  8.75" x 5.5"  3.5 GPM 
F8C  10" x 8.5"  5.0 GPM 


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
F1C FUEL FILTER FUNNEL, 2.5 gpm $23.77
F3C FUEL FILTER FUNNEL, 3.5 gpm $32.31
F8C FUEL FILTER FUNNEL, 5 gpm $47.69

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