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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
82-50130B GASKET, Flange $2.49
82-50130BP FLANGE GASKET $24.90
82-50155DPK KIT, Gasket, Drain Plug $11.54
AA9144 GASKET, Prop Governor $16.13
AF6160PK GASKET, Cork $11.05
AF60096 GASKET $4.18
AF837329 GASKET $4.73
AF837329P GASKET $39.81
CF627124 GASKET $1.81
CF649983 GASKET $2.06
CF652090 GASKET, Separator $1.50
CF653746 GASKET $1.06
CFK9080-0 KIT, Fuel Pump $185.33
CFK9080-1 KIT, Fuel Pump $191.57
CFK9570 KIT, Fuel Pump, All RG9570 Models $207.76
CFK15980 KIT, Fuel Pump, All RG15980 Models $246.64
CFK17980 KIT, Fuel Pump, All RG17980 Models $254.77
CFRA8987 GASKET $5.80
CFRA15981 GASKET $5.12

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