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X Category: Mixture Controls

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
6570 KNOB, Mixture, Vernier-Assist $15.31
MC35-944054-7 CONTROL, Mixture $548.35
MC35-944054-9 CONTROL, Mixture $548.35
MC36-380084-5 CONTROL, Mixture $247.98
MC50-389010-19 CONTROL, Mixture, LH $428.25
MC50-389010-21 CONTROL, Mixture, RH $299.29
MC50-389012-19 CONTROL, Throttle, Mixture $1491.66
MC50-389012-21 CONTROL, Mixture $760.10
MC50-389012-23 CONTROL, Throttle, Prop, Mixture $523.83
MC50-389012-25 CONTROL, Mixture $882.88
MC50-389012-29 CONTROL, Throttle, Mixure $519.89
MC102-389010-13 CONTROL, Mixture $1451.65
MC102-389010-47 CONTROL, Throttle, Prop, Mixture $252.08
MC454-120 CONTROL $76.32
MC455-322 CONTROL (Throttle, Mixture, Propeller) $333.16
MC455-332 CONTROL (Mixture) $230.29
MC455-344 CONTROL (Throttle, Mixture, Propeller) $133.43
MC455-352 CONTROL (Mixture) $272.63
MC455-360 CONTROL (Throttle, Mixture) $167.96
MC455-361 CONTROL (Mixture) $207.19

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