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Control Lock for Cessna Aircraft

Control locks are a ground accessory that do not require FAA-PMA approval. The control lock keeps control surfaces in place to prevent wear and damage that can be caused by heavy winds. 

Flag artwork matches current Cessna production. The pin is stainless steel, preventing rust, and the flag is made with a thicker material. 


  • Direct replacement
  • Significantly lower cost $$$


Available for various Cessna 150 through 210 models. 


Part Number
Cessna 150M, 152, A152, F152, FA152
Cessna 172G,H,I,K,
Cessna 172L,M,N,P,Q,R,S,RG, R172K
Cessna 182N,P,Q,R, TU206F,G*, U206F,G*, 207,A*, T207,A*, 210K,L,M, T210K,L,M
Cessna 182S,T, R182, T182, T182T, TR182, 206H, TU206G*, U206G*, T207A*, 210M,N,R, T210M,N,R
Cessna 208

*Serial number breaks apply. Confirm correct part number using the eligibility tab.  


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
0460155-RA CONTROL LOCK $183.78
0513385-RA CONTROL LOCK $183.78
0560026-RA CONTROL LOCK $183.78
1260144-RA CONTROL LOCK $183.78
2160003-RA CONTROL LOCK $183.78
2660055-1RA CONTROL LOCK, Caravan $283.78

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