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Lear Chemicals Corrosion Preventer


ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Preventer Formula

ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Formula is a state-of-the-art anti-corrosion lubricant compound, specifically designed for the Aerospace industry. ACF-50’s unique chemistry offers excellent penetration, coupled with an unmatched 24 months of “active” corrosion protection. Designed specifically to perform as both a Corrosion Inhibiting Compound (CIC) and a Corrosion Prevention Compound (CPC). ACF-50’s blend of non-flammable, non-toxic, polar bonding inhibitors and moisture-displacing additive penetrate deep into corrosion cells to actively remove electrolytes. No longer in contact with the metal surface, these electrolytes evaporate. ACF-50’s resulting dielectric fluid film acts as an “off-switch” for the corrosion process. 


  • Complete anti-corrosion solutions for airframe, avionics and ground support equipment
  • Significantly reduces corrsion events in both structure & avionics
  • Ultra-thin film promotes weight reduction, improving payload capcity
  • Non-toxic according to EPA/OSHA standards
  • VAC compliant worldwide



Corrosion Block

Corrosion Block is a unique product that has the ability to both prevent and stop active corrosion in more places than any other product of its type. Corrosion Block uses polar bonding to attach its molecules to ferrous or non-ferrous metals, a microscopic thin film (less than .0004 of an inch) layer is established that is totally hydrophobic and will not conduct electricity (dielectric to 40kV).


  • Clean, clear ultra-thin fluid
  • Non-greasy atmospheric barrier
  • Spray directly into electrical connections
  • Prevents corrosion induced failures


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
10004 ACF-50, LUBRICANT, 4 liter $91.67
10013 ACF-50, LUBRICANT, 13oz $14.50
10020 ACF-50, LUBRICANT, 20 liter $359.10
10032 ACF-50, LUBRICANT, 32 oz + Refill Spray $30.26
10114 ACF-50, LUBRICANT, 114 liter $1473.00
10205 ACF-50, LUBRICANT, 205 liter $2514.00
20002 CORROSION BLOCK, 4 oz $10.95
20004 CORROSION BLOCK, 4 liter $88.88
20012 CORROSION BLOCK, 12oz $12.80
20020 CORROSION BLOCK, 20 liter $372.60
20032 CORROSION BLOCK, 32 oz $30.25
25002 GREASE, CORROSION BLOCK, 2 oz $4.50
25003 GREASE, CORROSION BLOCK, Two 3oz Cartridges $10.95
25014 GREASE, CORROSION BLOCK, 14 oz $10.95
25016 GREASE, CORROSION BLOCK, 16oz $13.95
25020 GREASE, CORROSION BLOCK, 35 lb $281.70
25060 GREASE, CORROSION BLOCK, 132 lbs $1180.01
50000 ACF-50, Hand Held Spray System $801.22
50002 STANDARD SPRAY SET $500.00
50003 ACF-50, Standard Pump Spray System $3410.00

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