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Flight Control System Pulleys

We stock all standard MIL-SPEC and Cessna pulleys. For more information, go to the McFarlane Pulley Dimension and Supersedure Chart.

Catalog and Eligibility


  • MCS378 Series: Phenolic flight control pulleys with ball bearings. FAA-PMA approved replacements for the Cessna S378, A-/BB-, and NAS383- series pulleys on Cessna Aircraft. They all have quality ball bearings comparable to the S378-3 pulleys; they are much smoother than the cheapy bearings in the S378-3L pulleys.
  • MS20220 Series: Phenolic flight control pulleys with ball bearings. These supersede the AN220- Series pulleys of like dash number.
  • MS20219 Series: Pulley with high pressure laminated phenolic sheave and fixed ball bearing with contact seal. These supersede the AN219- Series pulleys of like dash number.
  • MS20219A Series: Pulley with aluminum alloy sheave and fixed ball bearing with contact seal. Sheave anodized per MIL-A-8625.
  • MS24566 Series: Phenolic flight control pulleys with ball bearings. These supersede the AN210- series pulleys of like dash number.
  • NAS383 Series: Phenolic commercial grade pulleys with graphite impregnated bronze sleeve bearings. These are typically used with a bushing. The MCS378- series pulleys supersede these for most Cessna aircraft applications. The MCS378 pulley replaces both the NAS383 pulley and it's bushing.
  • S394, S1052-1, and S1710-1: Cessna nylon pulleys with no bearings.
  • S378-4S: Cessna pulley similar to S378-4 but smaller diameter. Used on 177RG s/n 177RG0202 and on, and F177RG0038 and on for routing stabilator, stabilator trim, and rudder cables. Six required per aircraft.
  • 1660433 Series: Cessna phenolic pulleys with ball bearings.


Convenient Aircraft Kits
We have a full line of Pulley Kits for Cessna aircraft in stock and ready to ship. The kits contain all pulleys and cotter pins required to replace all flight control system pulleys in one airplane. Kits save time and money because we have done all of the tedious work to research the part numbers and quantities required for each aircraft. The only thing that you must know is the serial number of your airplane. 

Catalog and Eligibility


Cotter Pins
MS24665 series Cotter Pins are available with the pulley kits or separately in packs of 10 or 25. We stock all cotter pins commonly replaced during pulley installation. 

Catalog and Eligibility


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
7249 EXTENSION, 20", Pulley Oiler $7.12
MCS378-1 PULLEY $38.15
MCS378-2 PULLEY $48.64
MCS378-3 PULLEY $34.23
MCS378-4 PULLEY $34.74
MCS378-5 PULLEY $59.99
PULL-KT-01 PULLEY KIT $1045.65
PULL-KT-03 PULLEY KIT $1652.26
PULL-KT-04 PULLEY KIT $1584.87
PULL-KT-05 PULLEY KIT $1591.60
PULL-KT-06 PULLEY KIT $1583.41
PULL-KT-07 PULLEY KIT $1611.10
PULL-KT-08 PULLEY KIT $1757.22
PULL-KT-09 PULLEY KIT $1665.04
PULL-KT-10 PULLEY KIT $1665.04
PULL-KT-11 PULLEY KIT $1698.06
PULL-KT-12 PULLEY KIT $1728.73
PULL-KT-13 PULLEY KIT $1728.73
PULL-KT-14 PULLEY KIT $1057.31

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