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Seat Roller Kits for Cessna Aircraft

Now also approved for 300-400 series aircraft! McFarlane seat parts were developed to assist in complying with the parts replacement requirements of FAA Airworthiness Directive 87-20-03. This AD requires the periodic inspection and replacement of seat components of the entire Cessna light aircraft fleet. Our parts are direct replacements for the wear related seat components. All parts are available individually or as convenient kits.



  • Fabricated from molydisulfide filled nylon for improved strength and self-lubrication.
  • Fully machined from extruded stock for a finer surface finish and higher strength.




  • Machined from alloy steel
  • Longer life
  • Greater wear resistance


  • Super tough acetyl plastic
  • Resists wear and aging
  • MC1714000-41 full round washer also available



Choose the Correct Kit

The seat related replacement parts are not serial number specific, as the type of seat installed in the aircraft was optional when the aircraft was ordered from the factory. A common seat configuration is the pilot seat being “articulating” or “infinitely adjustable” while the co-pilot seat is the “standard” or “vertically adjustable” style. One kit per seat is required.


The most positive way to ensure you choose the proper seat kit for your aircraft is to measure the rollers:

SEAT-KT-1: Roller diameter approximately 1 3/8”

This kit is used with the “infinitely adjustable” or “articulating” seats installed in the Cessna single engine aircraft from 1963 through 1986. Two adjustment crank handles identify this seat. The backrest angle is adjusted with a crank. It is also used with some 336-337 series aircraft. The SEAT-KT-1 contains the same components as four of the Cessna 1714000K200 kits. All seats in the 177 Cardinal will use the large seat roller and require this kit. These parts are not used on models 150-152. 

  • (8) MC1714000-22 Washer
  • (4) MCS1704-1 Roller
  • (4) MC1414104-54 Bushing

SEAT-KT-2:  Roller diameter approximately 5/8”

This kit is used with the “Standard” or “Vertically adjustable” seat installed in Cessna single engine aircraft from 1963 through 1986. This seat is identified by one or no adjustment crank handles. The seat back angle is adjusted with a lever on the side of the seat back. It is also used with some 336- 337 series aircraft. The SEAT-KT-2 contains the same components as four of the Cessna 1414100-212 kits. These parts are not used on models 150-152.

  • (8) MCS1554-1 Washer
  • (4) MCS1551-1 Roller
  • (4) MC1414104-54 Bushing

SEAT-KT-3:  Roller diameter approximately 7/8”

with no wear washers This kit is used with all seats in the Cessna 150-152 series aircraft and all Cessna single engine aircraft built before 1963. A welded steel tubing seat frame easily identifies these seats. It is also used with some Cessna twin engine aircraft.

  • (4) MC0311310 Roller
  • (4) MC0311586 Bushing

Obsolete roller 1964-1965: Cessna aircraft manufactured in 1964 and 1965 had a spool shape roller with a smaller bushing. Use SEAT-KT-2 to replace this style roller. The complete kit must be used, as the bushing size is different.




Seat Rollers for Piper Aircraft

Please verify the diameter at the center of the roller you are replacing:


Manufactured by PMA Products, Inc. 



To view similar products for your aircraft go to Seat Rails and Seat Rail Components.


Custom Seat Rails also available.

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
MC0311310 ROLLER (Early Seat) $12.22
MC0311586 BUSHING (Early Seat) $29.63
MC1414104-54 BUSHING SEAT ROLLER $23.54
MC1714000-22 WASHER, Cessna Seat $4.02
MC1714000-41 WASHER, Cessna Seat $4.02
MCS1551-1 ROLLER (Seat Small) $7.28
MCS1554-1 WASHER, Cessna Seat $2.95
MCS1704-1 ROLLER (Seat Large) $2.46
SEAT-KT-1 SEAT KIT (Articulating Seat) $136.13
SEAT-KT-2 SEAT KIT (Standard Seat) $146.86
SEAT-KT-3 SEAT KIT (Early & 150-152) $167.41
CA18968-000 SEAT ROLLER, Forward $33.84
CA41413-038 BUSHING, Seat Roller $33.70
CA65003-047 BUSHING $23.35
CA87332-002 SEAT ROLLER, Forward $33.30
CA95061-106 BUSHING, Seat Roller $21.79

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