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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
MC055044-1 SKIN, Elevator, Lower, LH $216.09
MC055044-2 SKIN, Elevator, Lower, RH $277.88
MC055044-3 SKIN, Elevator, Upper, LH $234.95
MC055044-4 SKIN, Elevator, Upper, RH $234.95
MC0333000-4 SKIN, Rudder, LH $291.69
MC0333000-5 SKIN, Rudder, RH $291.69
MC0333116 SKIN, Rudder Tab $152.60
MC0334100-3 SKIN, Elevator Tab, Upper $123.25
MC0334100-4 SKIN, Elevator Tab, Lower $123.25
MC0334100-5 SKIN, Elevator, Upper, RH $272.27
MC0334100-6 SKIN, Elevator, Lower, RH $272.27
MC0334200-3 SKIN, Elevator, Lower, LH $126.18
MC0334200-4 SKIN, Elevator, Upper, LH $272.27
MC0424000-10 SKIN, Aileron $242.95
MC0424000-20 SKIN, Aileron $242.95
MC0425000-10 SKIN, Flap, Upper $185.81
MC0425000-20 SKIN, Flap, Lower $185.08
MC0426900-2 SKIN, Flap, Upper $183.75
MC0426900-4 SKIN, Flap, Lower $183.29
MC0426901-6 SKIN, Flap, Lower LH $106.60

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