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Stabilizer Jack Screw Actuator Kit

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Stabilizer Jack Screw Actuator Kit
Stabilizer jack screw actuator kit part number 1111 is an FAA-PMA/STC approved kit to replace all wear components for the stabilizer actuator assemblies for many Cessna 180, 182 and 185 aircraft.


Improved material for extreme corrosion resistance
McFarlane replaces the original steel components with duplex stainless steel (even better than monel) components for a long life even in a harsh saltwater environment.

  • Wear and vibration resistance for longer life
  • No rust, even in salt water
  • Costs less than the standard parts


Now improved with a Black Max™ nitrocarburized screw assembly to reduce friction and extend service life!

Ultra-precision bearing with no backlash



Improved Bearing
Precision bearing reduces free play and features extra low temperature grease for easy turning at low temperatures.


Improved Strength and Reliability
The original Cessna actuators use a 3/32" roll pin to attach the sprockets and retaining collars to the screw bars. These pins are critical as the front of the stabilizer would detach from the airframe if they failed. Although the original roll pins are technically strong enough, due to the nature of roll pins, they are prone to unpredictable failure. This is especially true if they are bent or damage during installation. To provide a more robust design, McFarlane redesigned the sprocket and retaining collar to allow the use of a 5/32" roll pin. This more than doubles the strength of the design. The screw and barrel are match machined for a precision fit.


Instructions for Continued Airworthiness


Trim Actuator Boot and Clamp

Now FAA-PMA approved and manufactured by McFarlane

Boot P/N MC0712500-18 and Clamp P/N MC7137

  • McFarlane recommends replacing the boot and clamp at the same time.
  • High quality, flexible, durable, long life material
  • Save 70% off OEM list price!


Convenient Tool

Stabilizer Jack Screw Pin Removal Tool 


Easily and safely remove and install your roll pin with the turn of a wrench.


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
1111 ACTUATOR KIT, Stab Jack Screw $2471.67
6361 CHAIN, Screw-Jack Roller Assembly $172.65
6458 BUSHING, Upper, Jack Screw $68.54
6459 BUSHING, Lower, Jack Screw $91.38
6460 BEARING, Jack Screw $76.41
6461 SPRING PIN, Jack Screw $1.68
6464 LINK, Jack Screw Chain, SS $17.18
7011 BARREL, Stab. Jack Screw Pin Tool $12.60
Free Shipping on orders over $500
MC0712500-18 BOOT, Actuator
Free Shipping on orders over $500
Free Shipping on orders over $500
X-1115581 CHAIN, No. 25, SS
Free Shipping on orders over $500

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