Strainer Drain Cables

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Fuel Strainer Drain Cables


The MCS1517 series fuel strainer drain cables are now manufactured by McFarlane and FAA-PMA approved for many Cessna aircraft.


  • Stainless steel conduit
  • Improved aluminum knob
  • Larger wire diameter


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
6378 KNOB, Fuel Strainer Drain $20.61
MCS1517-4 CONTROL, Strainer Drain $149.00
MCS1517-7 CONTROL, Strainer Drain $144.37
MCS1517-12 CONTROL, Strainer Drain $140.38
MCS1517-15 CONTROL, Strainer Drain $139.45
MCS2323-1 WIRE CLAMP, Bolt $22.04
MCS2323-3 WIRE CLAMP, Bolt $20.14

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