Thrust Reverser Components

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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
MCLJ70543 JOINT ASSEMBLY, Gimbal $0.000
MCLJ75313 LANYARD $0.000
MCLJ75314 LANYARD $0.000
45-0008-07HP ASSEMBLY, Plug and Switch $772.44
45-0008-KIT KIT, DPI Switch and Actuator $772.44
45-12368-9HP ASSEMBLY, Pivot Arm $841.32
45-12368-TR KIT, DPI Pivot Arm $841.32
45-12370-1HP ASSEMBLY, Switch Plate $2546.84
45-12370-10TR KIT, DPI Switch and Plate $3734.96
45-12449-3HP ACTUATOR ASSEMBLY $260.76
HP100TR KIT, Thrust Reverser Inspection, Two Engine $2952.00
HP200TR KIT, Thrust Reverser Inspection, Two Engine, 1400 HR $3050.40
HP201TR KIT, Thrust Reverser Inspection, One Engine, 1400 HR $1525.20

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