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  • For use in non-certified aircraft applications such as cabin heat, cabin air and defrost
  • Keyed shaft prevents rotation and maintains knob alignment  
  • All metal construction
  • High temperature Teflon lined conduit for smooth, consistent control 
    • Liner prevents premature wire wear due to vibration
    • Cheapy controls with poly liners will not tolerate engine temperatures 
  • Many knob styles available or provide your own knob with 10-32 thread  
    • Knobs are not included with the control and may be ordered separately 
  • Available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 foot lengths 
    • Measured from panel fitting to end of conduit, wires extend at least 3 inches beyond conduit
    • Easily trimmed to length
  • Available with optional creep resistant feature to prevent control creep due to engine vibration



  • Travel (stroke): 3.75" maximum *
  • Conduit: 0.188 inch OD Teflon lined wound conduit
  • Max Work Loads: 10 lbs (Pull), 5 lbs (Push)**
  • Operating Temp: -65 to 450 deg F
  • Inner Wire: 0.061 inch solid wire 
  • Screw thread for knob attachment: 10-32 x .3 
  • Screw thread for instrument panel: 3/8-24 x .5
  • See McFarlane Universal Light-Weight Controls for further specifications

 * Installer must ensure maximum travel is not exceeded during installation and rigging of the control.

** Maximum push load with 3-1/2" of wire extending from the conduit.

Note: Push loads depend on wire diameter, length of wire not supported by conduit and geometry of the rigging.

Note: Not for use for flight controls or flight control trim tabs. 



How to Order: 

Standard control: 

Order control part number MCU124-LLL where LLL is the length of the control in inches.


Control with creep resistant feature:

Order control part number MCU224-LLL where LLL is the length of the control in inches.



Don't Forget a Knob:

Order unmarked or standard engraved knobs separately from the styles and colors indicated in the following table: Light-Weight Control Knob Options.


Custom Engraved Knobs:

Custom laser marking of the knobs is available for $25.00 per knob. Receive a $15.00 discount for each additional knob with the same design.


Please call Kelli or Randy at 866-920-2741 ext. 289 or email for details.

Engraving Request Form



McFarlane rod endsconduit clampsadel clamps, and wire clamps also available! 

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
1536A-B KNOB, T-Handle, 10-32, Black $25.31
1536A-C KNOB, T-Handle, 10-32, Clear $25.31
1536A-GN KNOB, T-Handle, 10-32, Green $25.31
1536A-L KNOB, T-Handle, 10-32, Blue $25.31
1536A-R KNOB, T-Handle, 10-32, Red $25.31
1536A-W KNOB, T-Handle, 10-32, White $25.31
1536A-Y KNOB, T-Handle, 10-32, Yellow $25.31
1536B-B KNOB, T-Handle, 1/4-20, Black $38.37
1536B-C KNOB, T-Handle, 1/4-20, Clear $38.37
1536B-GN KNOB, T-Handle, 1/4-20, Green $38.37
1536B-L KNOB, T-Handle, 1/4-20, Blue $38.37
1536B-R KNOB, T-Handle, 1/4-20, Red $38.37
1536B-W KNOB, T-Handle, 1/4-20, White $38.37
1536B-Y KNOB, T-Handle, 1/4-20, Yellow $38.37
6277B KNOB, Round, Black $10.19
6277BA KNOB, Round, Black, Cabin Air $16.36
6277BD KNOB, Round, Black, Defrost $16.36
6277BH KNOB, Round, Black, Cabin Heat $16.36
6277BP KNOB, Round, Black, Park Brake $16.36
6277C KNOB, Round, Clear $10.19

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