Part Number: M-00-1002-1

FUEL CAP WASHERS, AeroTough, Gabb, Single Pack

Product Details

Marsh Brothers’ non-metallic AeroTough GF (Grease-Free) Fuel Cap Washers will ensure your fuel cap remains safe and functional

AeroTough GF is a durable polymer with inherent self-lubricating properties.


  • Low friction material makes your cap move easier
  • Long wear life
  • Available in packages of 1-4 fuel cap washers.


See chart below for Marsh Brother's replacement based on fuel filler cap:


Fuel Filler Cap
Replacement Marsh Brothers Washer P/N**






Shaw Aero Devices
416 Series
431 Series
431-9, 431-1-2, 431-9R, 431-139, 431-183, 431-326-1, 431-326-3
457 Series
457-113, 457-115, 457-116, 457-370, 457-370-6
531 Series
531-001, 531-010, 531-033, 531-046, 531-035
39051 Series
Parker Aerospace
39051 Series
416 Series



**Part numbers listed in the table are for 1QTY packages. For different package options, replace the -1 with your desired quantity of 1 to 4 fuel cap washers. 


For more information, go to Fuel Caps, Gaskets, and Seals.


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