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MT Propeller for Beechcraft

 McFarlane Products for Beechcraft
The Best Propeller for Your Bonanza
Beechcraft Bonanza 33, 35, and 36

STC amended to include modified or larger engines such as the Turbo TNIO-550


  • Nickel-Cobalt leading edge for superior durability and erosion protection
  • Blades absorb vibration resulting for smooth operation
  • Increased static thrust provides shorter take-off distance
  • Improved rate of climb and cruise performance
  • Better engine cooling, lower CHTs, and reduced oil temperatures and fuel burn
  • Shorter landing distance
  • Hot Prop & Fluid Deice available
  • Unlimited blade and hub life


Data Sheet

The MT Composite Propeller Experience.


For ordering information, call 866-717-1117

Learn more about MT Composite Propellers.




Flight Control Cables 

McFarlane has FAA-PMA approved cables for the Beechcraft Musketeer, Sport, Sierra, Bonanza, Debonair, Baron, King Air, Queen Air and more!


  • 100% pre-stretched and proof loaded
  • Superior corrosion protection with MIL-PRF-16173 coating
  • Unbeatable quality
  • Save hundreds of dollars!


For ordering details, go to Beech Cables.



Beechcraft Cable Stop

Improved for more consistent holding strength



  • Used on the assist step cable on 35, A35 and C35 Beech Bonanzas
  • One McFarlane MC6057 cable stop replaces both Beechcraft 35-524287 nut and 35-524288 screw
  • Also included on select cable assemblies as required


For ordering details, go to Cable Stop



Throttle, Propeller and Mixture Controls

FAA-PMA Approved Beechcraft Bonanza Controls


  • All metal construction
  • Pilot friendly knobs
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Superior low friction conduit


Buttonless Vernier-Assist now available for your throttle!


To find the control for your aircraft, to go Controls, Push Pull.




FAA-STC for Beech Bonanzas and Barons with wrap-around style wing tip lenses

Updated lights will give you better recognition for safety and visibility!


Easily install Whelen lighting without the hassle of major modifications!

P/N GAL01-5720-001

  • Avoid expensive flashtubes for your strobes or obsolete replacements by having the option to install upgraded lights!
  • Save time and $$$
  • 5-year warranty


Can be equipped with WAT lights:  


  • Orion 500 tail LED position and strobe (white)
  • Orion 650E navigation (red or green) and white LED strobe (14V or 28V)
  • 71125 forward facing LED recognition/landing


Note: Early models must be modified with wrap-around wing tip lenses.


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