MT Propeller for Experimental Aircraft


The Superior Propeller for Your Vans Aircraft! 

MT Composite Propellers in Stock!

Improve load capacity, safety, performance, and comfort


MT composite propellers are light-weight and vibration-free (unlike traditional metal propellers) resulting in greater load capacity, safety, and superior comfort. In addition, the MT composite design eliminates the risk of corrosion and are owner field repairable resulting life unlimited blades. The schimitar blade design improves the take-off, climb, cruise, and landing performance of your aircraft for superior performance, durability, safety, and comfort.


The MTV-9 "Express" HD Hub is built to handle the powerful Lycoming engine firing pulses with no life limits or restricted RPM ranges. 

MTV-9-B/183-50a is a heavy-duty propeller recommended for any RV -3, -4, -6, -7, -8, -9, -10, -14 with any of the following engines: (I)O-360, -375, -400, -409 or -540 series.


MTV-12-B/183b "Express Lite" medium-duty hub is also available – it may require restricted RPM operation ranges.

The Lycoming 4-cylinder engine design is nearly "bullet proof", however they produce very strong firing pulse vibrations felt by the propeller. MT-Propeller’s wood composite load-carrying core is not affected by this. In fact, wood dampens vibration better than any propeller material known to date. The wood core is also immune to stress risers or fatigue. A deep cut in an MT blade does not lead to blade failure, unlike metal propellers. MT blades can also be repaired by the owner with simple household epoxy.


The MTV-9 heavy-duty 3-blade hub is recommended over the MTV-12 series for use on engines without counter-weights, and for engines with "more than stock output".




For ordering questions, details, and pricing confirmation contact our Propeller Specialists John or Larry at 866-717-1117.


MT Heavy Duty "Express" Series Composite Prop

MT Medium Duty "Express Lite" Series Composite Prop


MTV-9-B/183-50a (3-blade 72” Scimitar)


  • Flat black with white tips
  • Stainless steel leading edges
  • Kevlar Spinner (P-296-7) in white
  • Installed weight: 52 lbs
  • Shipped assembled, ready to mount!



MTV-12-B/183-59b (3-blade 72” Scimitar) 


  • Flat black with white tips
  • Stainless steel leading edges
  • Kevlar Spinner (P-469-2) in white
  • Installed weight: 45 lbs
  • Shipped assembled, ready to mount!


$14,900 INCLUDES shipping to your door! $13,900 INCLUDES shipping to your door!




  • Price offered for current inventory as of 6/1/2021
  • Price does not include shipping/freight charges of outside US48
  • Does not include Governor - available upon request



Buy Stress-Free with our Layaway Option!


McFarlane also offers reservations on propellers. Lock in pricing today and have a prop reserved with your name on it. You will simply make easy, no-interest payments, at your desired timing and intervals. All payments are applied to the full purchase of your propeller. We will ship your prop within 24 hours of receiving your final payment.


For more information go to Propellers, or contact our Propeller Specialists Larry and John at 866-717-1117. 


Engine Controls for Vans RV Series Aircraft

High quality controls at an affordable price

McFarlane offers Vernier-Assist throttle, propeller and mixture controls for the Vans RV series aircraft. Our solid metal construction and Teflon lined conduit provide precise positive control even after years of service in the harshest environments.


Quick delivery, no long lead times!

  • Pilot friendly knobs
  • Vibration dampening features
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Consistent quality


Includes P/N 6408 hardware kit


For more information, go to McFarlane Control Features. 





"Nothing is worse in flying a show plane than having wimpy smoke! My custom smoke system fom C J Aviation gives me a reliable, high-volume output of billowing white smoke, perfect for highlighting the maneuvers in my RV-8. Charlie Duffie and his team build the absolute best without cutting any corners. Any other system would be only second-best!" - Gene McNeely 




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