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Exclusive Reverse Prop in Action!
An entirely new level of safety, maneuverability, and control land and water.
STCs for hundreds of aircraft models!

The MT Patented Reversing Technology

High performance, vibration-free natural composite, and hydraulic propellers

Choose two or three blades, with electric or alcohol deice boots (optional)


  • Fast responding electric controlled hydraulic pitch actuation
  • Inflight safety systems
  • Back-up maneuvering and parking
  • Docking control and engine warm-up without thrust
  • Shorter landings without brakes



General Advantages of MT's Natural Composite Propellers


  • Improve thrust, take-off, climb, and cruise
  • Nickel-Cobalt Leading Edge for ZERO water erosion and improved durability
  • Significant vibration reduction
  • Smooth operation reduces airframe/engine wear and pilot fatigue
  • No RPM range restrictions
  • Life-unlimited blades and hub
  • Reduced risk of engine damage resulting from prop strikes



Reversible Propeller for Piston Engines and Propeller Turbines

MT reversible propellers for piston engines and turbines are electrically controlled hydraulically actuated constant speed propellers. The patented MT-Propeller has a reverse dual piston system with the MT P-900 governor series installed.


The single piece hub is made from forged or solid aerospace aluminum alloy. It is corrosion protected, and the hub's outside can be additionally painted for sea applications. An aluminum blade ferrule is attached to the blade root by using special design patented lag screws.


The spinner dome is a single piece part made from fiber reinforced composite (Kevlar®). It is extremely light-weight and crack resistant. 


MT Composite Propellers are light-weight and have significant vibration reduction due to their unique composite material and design. You will experience a smooth, improved performance during take-off, climb, cruise, and landing. The wood core composite actually absorbs vibration providing smooth operation that generates less fatigue for the crew and longer life for airframe and engine accessories. Additionally, the improved efficiency of MT Propellers leads to lower operating costs! 


Reversing props aren't just handy for maneuvering on water - backcountry pilots and Husky National STOL competition winners also use this prop to significantly reduce landing distance! In 2020 and 2021 Austin Clemens took first place in the National STOL competition finals using the exclusive reversing MT prop on his Aviat Husky. Learn more about Austin, competing in the Husky National STOL competitions, and the MT Winner's Circle.  


Safety doesn't happen by accident. 

MT Propellers have FOD repairable blades, life-unlimited parts, and no active ADs - a safety record unmatched by any other propeller manufacturer. They also produce cooler ITTs during engine start up producing less engine wear, reduced risk of hot starts, lower engine temperatures and no RPM restriction for the complete operation range. 


To find the right MT Prop for your aircraft, call our Propeller Specialists at 866-717-1117 or go to Propeller STCs, or Propellers to learn more. 
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