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World's Largest Inventory of MT-Propellers 
Whether you're a backcountry pilot, mainline carrier, flight instructor, experimental, ferry, aerobatic, or corporate,
MT propellers will provide you with superior safety, performance, maneuverability, and comfort. 
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Performance with that unique MT sound you can't forget


  • Improve thrust, take-off, climb, and cruise
  • Life-unlimited blades and hub
  • Reduced risk of engine damage resulting from prop strikes
  • Extremely light weight
  • Vibration-free
  • No RPM range restrictions
  • Nickel-Cobalt Leading Edge for ZERO water erosion and improved durability




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Improved Performance
  • German scimitar airfoil improves thrust, take-off, climb, and cruise
  • Light-weight! 26 pounds lighter than Hartzell
  • Vibration-free operation
    • Improves life of engine and avionic components 
    • Reduces maintenance costs
    • Significant inside and outside noise reduction
  • Reduced stall speed with shorter landings
  • The #1 Propeller for STOL competitions


Float Operation Advantages

  • Nickel-Cobalt leading edge for superior durability and ZERO water erosion
  • Reverse option improves safety, maneuverability, and control


Backcountry Tough

  • Unlimited blade and hub life
  • Owner repairable blades
  • More ground clearance - less FODs
  • Hot Prop and Fluid Deice available
  • Reduced risk of engine damage resulting from prop strikes

McFarlane also offers flight control cables, cable kits, cable stop, push-pull controls and more for your Beechcraft!



To find the right MT Prop for your aircraft, call our Propeller Specialists at 866-717-1117 or visit Flight-Resource to learn more.






Know the Difference

MT composite propellers are light-weight and vibration-free (unlike traditional metal propellers) resulting in greater load capacity, safety, and comfort. The German scimitar blade design produces smooth, improved performance during take-off, climb, cruise, and landing. The vibration-free operation generates less fatigue for the crew and airframe, improving comfort for you and the life of your gyros, motor mounts, radios, heat muffs, and cowlings. Nickle-Cobalt leading edges and enhanced Carbon Fiber Jacket results in superior durability and protection from impacts. The improved efficiency and noise reduction of MT Propellers leads to lower operating costs and evironmental impact!


The Exclusive MT Reversing option for piston-powered aircraft brings an entirely new level of safety, maneuverability, and control, of both land and sea planes. Choose from any number of blades, with electric or alcohol de-ice boots (optional).


Reversing props aren't just handy for maneuvering on water - backcountry pilots and National STOL competition winners also use this prop to significantly reduce landing distance! In 2020 Austin Clemens took first place in the National STOL competition finals using the exclusive reversing MT prop on his Aviat Husky. Learn more about Austin, competing in the Husky National STOL competitions, and the MT Winner's Circle. 


Safety doesn't happen by accident. MT Propellers have FOD repairable blades, life-unlimited parts, and no active ADs - a safety record unmatched by any other propeller manufacturer. They also produce cooler ITTs during engine start up producing less engine wear, reduced risk of hot starts, lower engine temperatures and no RPM restriction for the complete operation range. 


For ordering questions, details, and pricing confirmation contact our Propeller Specialists John or Larry at 866-717-1117. 




"The balancing took a little longer than anticipated with the RH engine, but the result was the lowest vibration level that the technician had seen on a piston engine…016 IPS!! My impressions are that the overall level of vibration is about 10% of what it was originally, and the aircraft seems to climb better. The MT composite 4-blade propellers make quite a different sound (higher in pitch) that is far more pleasing to the ear and of lower overall intensity. An added bonus is the incredible “beta” effect when power is reduced after landing. When the props go flat-pitch, the immediate drag presented is remarkable, and should easily result in less wear and tear on the brakes. This effect is almost non-existent with the original propellers. I recently flew 4+ hours 15K at both 55% and 65% power settings. First, the cabin noise level had been reduced to the point where you could actually have a conversation with the headsets removed. As far as TAS, the Aerostar speed attained at least 8 and sometimes 12 knots above the book value for the power This investment resulted in a far different and better flying aircraft than before."


Gary Evans

Piper PA-60-700 Aerostar


STCs for hundreds of other aircrafts are also available. Click here to see available MT props for your aircraft! 
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