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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
AF3-1 Baffle $0.000
6036-012 RETAINER STRIP, Baffle Seal $2.03
MS20470A4-6 RIVET $2.77
MS20470A4-5 RIVET $3.08
MS20470A3-5 RIVET $5.19
AF0550111-4 Brace-Baffle $8.63
AF0450209 Baffle Assembly $10.07
AF600370-011 BAFFLE $10.94
AF600371-001 BAFFLE $10.94
AF0755009-1 Baffle Assembly $11.51
AF0755012-2 Baffle Assembly $11.51
AF0450138 BAFFLE, Center Stiffener, Fwd $12.00
AF0450310 BAFFLE, Cover Plate, Rear Center $12.00
AF0450210 Baffle Assembly $12.95
AF45-910314 Plate $15.83
AF85486-009 Baffle $15.83
AF600370-007 BAFFLE $16.41
TOOL120-BKT KIT, Replacement Blades, Scoring Tool $17.81
AF0550117 Inner Head Baffle Assy. $18.71
AF45-910315-1 Baffle $20.15

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