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Part Number: AA5A-PCBL


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Product Details

*Photo represents bare coated baffles. Kits also available with powder coat. Standard and premium seal options available.


Complete Engine Baffle Kits

Keep your engine cool with new baffle kits!

Airforms is the premier manufacturer of FAA-PMA replacement baffle kits for Cessna, Piper and the Beechcraft Baron.


  • 6061-T6 aluminum with black high temperature fiberglass reinforced silicone seals pre-installed
      • Premium cowl saver or standard seal options (black, orange or blue) available. Extended lead time and extra freight cost may apply.
  • Bare aluminum or gray powder coat finish (part number indicates finish type)
  • Individually interchangeable with factory baffles
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Many Improvements:


  • Stainless steel brackets where needed
  • Hard rivet construction
  • 1/2” back plates to secure seals
  • Improved fit


Are most of your baffles in good shape, but you just need to replace a few?

McFarlane now stocks many common individual baffles for immediate shipment.



  • If aftermarket components (starter, alternator, exhaust, engine mod, etc.) have been installed it is the installer’s responsibility to adjust baffles to fit.
  • Mounting hardware is not included (nuts, bolts, screws, Tinnerman clips, etc.).


For more information, go to Engine Baffle Kits, or review the Catalog Information.


Baffle Seal Material:
Use kit suffix:
Bare Aluminum Premium Cowl Saver Seals
Bare Aluminum Black Standard Seals
Bare Aluminum Blue Standard Seals
Bare Aluminum Orange Standard Seals
Powder Coat Premium Cowl Saver Seals
Powder Coat Black Standard Seals
Powder Coat Blue Standard Seals
Powder Coat Orange Standard Seals


Kit Components

Part Number AA5A-PCBL contains the following:

Component Description Quantity U/M
AF5502006-502-PCBL BAFFLE, RH Rocker Cover, PC Blue Seals 1.000 Each
AF5502006-503-PCBL BAFFLE, RH Rocker Cover, PC Blue Seals 1.000 Each
AF5502007-502-PCBL BAFFLE, LH Rocker Cover, PC Blue Seals 1.000 Each
AF5502007-504-PCBL BAFFLE, LH Rocker Cover, PC Blue Seals 1.000 Each
AF5502010-501-PCBL BAFFLE , LH Front, PC Blue Seals 1.000 Each
AF5502010-504-PCBL BAFFLE , RH Front, PC Blue Seals 1.000 Each
AF5502010-505-PCBL BAFFLE , Forward Center, PC Blue Seals 1.000 Each
AF5502028-502-PCBL Baffle , Rear RH, PC Blue Seals 1.000 Each
AF5502033-502-PCBL Baffle , Rear LH, PC Blue Seals 1.000 Each

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Eligibility Chart
Grumman AA-5 AA-5A AA5A-0283 AA5A-9999999 6629

Eligibility Chart 6629 Notes:

  1. Verify applicability based on parts catalog code and serial number; 2843821 (K), 2843823 (H), 2843852 (M), 2843854 thru 2843857 (M), 2843861 (M), 2843862 (M), 2843863 (H), 2843864 (H), 2843865 (G), 2843868 (M), 2843869 (M), 2843870 (K), 2843871 (K), 2843873 (M), 2843881 thru 2843888 (M), 2843891 (M), 2843892 (L), 2843893 thru 2843899 (M), 2843920 thru 2843925 (M), 2843932 thru 2843935 (M), 2881001 thru 2881008 (S), 2881009 (R), 2881010 thru 2881012 (S), 2881013 thru 2881020 (P), 2881021 thru 2881026 (S), 2881027 (R), 2881028 (R), 2881029 (N), 2881030 thru 2881038 (S), 2881039 (R), 2881040 (R), 2881042 (S), 2881043 thru 2881054 (S).

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