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APS BlackSteel Brake Discs

Improve braking performance  



APS BlackSteel brake discs are state-of-the-art CNC machined from a one-piece forging. 
When the metal is forged, it creates a directional grain flow that follows the contour of the disc. This allows for a much stronger disc that has a reduced risk of the cracking and catastrophic failures associated with inferior welded designs.


The APS proprietary heat treatment has a two-fold purpose. The heat treatment strengthens the steel by bonding the carbon, oxygen and nitrogen in the top layer of the metal. This is not a coating that can wear off, as the steel itself is transformed. The heat treatment gives the steel its black appearance and provides the surface with a high resistance to the corrosion and oxidation associated with the extreme thermal cycling experienced in aircraft braking systems. This makes it an excellent choice for agricultural aircraft that work in a harsh, chemical environment, as well as for anyone who leaves their aircraft outside most of the time.


Brake liningsrivets and pins also sold separately. Any OEM or PMA linings can be used with APS discs.



Please note: 
Eligibility depends on the wheel, brake, and aircraft make, model, and serial number. Please see the current catalog information or click "View Eligible Aircraft" and read any applicable comments to verify and/or determine eligibility.  


One of the most important factors in disc and lining performance and safety margins is proper break-in. In order for any brake system to work optimally, the disc and linings must be properly bedded. Please follow the break-in procedures upon installation.


Lining Break-In Procedures 


Brake bleed valveswheel bearing cups and cones, and wheel grease seals also available.


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
208-BRK-KT-1 BRAKE KIT, Cessna Caravan $1028.92
APS101-02500 O-RING $13.68
APS164-00206 BRAKE DISC $229.81
APS164-00300 BRAKE DISC $153.76
APS164-00400 BRAKE DISC $157.19
APS164-00500 BRAKE DISC $169.92
APS164-00700 BRAKE DISC $153.75
APS164-00806 BRAKE DISC $319.13
APS164-00900 BRAKE DISC $153.76
APS164-01000 BRAKE DISC $169.91
APS164-01100 BRAKE DISC $153.75
APS164-01300 BRAKE DISC $153.75
APS164-01406 BRAKE DISC $319.13
APS164-01501 BRAKE DISC $153.76
APS164-01506 BRAKE DISC $153.76
APS164-01600 BRAKE DISC $153.76
APS164-01700 BRAKE DISC $157.19
APS164-01900 BRAKE DISC $153.76
APS164-02000 BRAKE DISC $134.18
APS164-02201 BRAKE DISC $169.90

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