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APS BlackSteel Brake Discs & Linings

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APS BlackSteel Brake Discs and Linings
Improve braking performance


BlackSteel Brake Discs 
The high quality APS BlackSteel brake discs are one piece forgings, eliminating weld failures. BlackSteel forged discs are machined and then put through a proprietary heat treating process that strengthens the steel by bonding the carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen in the top layer of the metal. The process is not a coating, but a transformation of the top layer of the metal, providing corrosion resistance. The reduction of corrosion, pitting, rusting and longer service life result in enhanced safety, durability and value, while providing optimum braking performance and strength.


Metallic and Semi-Metallic Brake Linings 
APS semi-metallic brake linings are impregnated with Kevlar fibers for optimum performance. APS metallic brake linings are constructed from an innovative design and durable materials, providing longer wear and superior stopping power for greater safety.   


Rivets and Pins 
Lining retaining pins are used on various metallic brake linings and rivets are used on various organic brake linings.


Please note: 
Eligibility depends on the wheel, brake, and aircraft make, model, and serial number. Please see the 
current catalog information or click "View Eligible Aircraft" and read any applicable comments to verify and/or determine eligibility.  


Brake Disc Dimensions


One of the most important factors in disc and lining performance and safety margins is proper break-in. In order for any brake system to work optimally, the disc and linings must be properly bedded. Please follow the break-in procedures upon installation.


Lining Break-In Procedures 


Brake bleed valveswheel bearing cups and cones, and wheel grease seals also available.


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
208-BRK-KT-1 BRAKE KIT, Cessna Caravan $1237.91
APS66-02200 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $15.66
APS66-03300 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $15.30
APS66-04400 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $15.66
APS66-06200 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $16.04
APS66-06400 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $24.99
APS66-06500 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $18.29
APS66-06600 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $14.93
APS66-06800 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $22.01
APS066-07300 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $48.94
APS66-09000 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $37.31
APS66-09100 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $159.66
APS66-09200 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $295.47
APS66-09700 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $17.16
APS66-10000 BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent) $31.71
APS66-10500 BRAKE LINING, Organic (Abrasive) $10.45
APS66-10600 BRAKE LINING, Organic (Abrasive) $10.45
APS66-10800 BRAKE LINING, Organic (Abrasive) $12.69
APS66-10900 BRAKE LINING, Organic (Abrasive) $13.06
APS66-11000 BRAKE LINING, Organic (Abrasive) $18.28

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