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Cabin Environment Controls for Cessna and Piper Aircraft  
Longer life and improved design

  • Special, heavier wire for more fatigue strength and reliability
  • Improved friction mechanism
  • Reduced vibration wear
  • High temperature Teflon lined conduit 



Controls for Cessna Aircraft 

McFarlane has FAA-PMA approval on the cabin air, cabin heat, cabin vent, cold air and defrost controls for many single engine Cessna aircraft. All of these controls feature McFarlane's improved push-to-unlock mechanism with greater holding strength and longer life. Most knobs match originally equipped knobs.



Controls for Piper Aircraft

McFarlane has FAA-PMA approval on the carburetor heat, alternate air, fuel mixture, parking brake, and cabin environment controls for most single engine Piper aircraft. Our anti-rotate feature reduces stress on the inner wire.  




Give your panel an upgrade - Replace old discolored knobs!

High quality replacement knobs duplicate the original Piper color and shape to maintain the original factory appearance of the instrument panel. To select the correct knob for your aircraft, please see the Eligibility Chart.


Also see CA70371-002 or U70371-000 for swivel fittings (bug nuts). 


McFarlane rod endsconduit clampsadel clamps, and wire clamps also available!


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
6289 DECAL, Carb Heat $1.95
MC454-120 CONTROL $76.32
MC471-052 KNOB, Round, Ivory, Polished $11.44
MC471-053 KNOB, Round, Red, Polished $11.44
MC471-060 KNOB, Round, Black, Polished $11.44
MC471-084 KNOB, Round, Black, Carb Heat $9.29
MC571-131 KNOB, Round, Chrome $47.82
MC0411090-22 CONTROL $120.27
MC0411090-22H CONTROL (Cabin Heat) $141.60
MC0713302-5 CONTROL $94.42
MC0713302-5H CONTROL (Cabin Heat) $104.25
MCS1239-15 CONTROL $80.83
MCS1239-15A CONTROL (Cabin Air) $90.66
MCS1239-15H CONTROL (Cabin Heat) $90.66
MCS1239-19 CONTROL $114.33
MCS1239-19A CONTROL (Cabin Air) $135.66
MCS1239-19H CONTROL (Cabin Heat) $135.66
MCS1239-25 CONTROL $84.76
MCS1239-25A CONTROL (Cabin Air) $94.59
MCS1239-25H CONTROL (Cabin Heat) $94.59

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